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A simple and easy-to-learn battle royale game that lets you earn rewards in BTC or USDC in only a few fun minutes!
$10000 rewards every month!

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Want to know how to win?
Watch and learn.
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Meta Rivals is a snake-like battle royale game

that doesn’t waste your time.


With a simple and fun design, Meta Rivals is the best PvP mobile game that lets you earn rewards while focusing on fun and competitive gameplay.


Is Meta Rivals the prettiest or most visually impressive play-and-earn game out there? No! We never wanted it to be. Instead, we focused on simple, casual fun and a streamlined and efficient rewards system. We’re not trying to distract you with flashy bells and whistles - Meta Rivals is all about substance.

Meta Rivals is not entirely free; however, it offers a 3-day trial for players to evaluate their skills. Should players enjoy the game, they have the option to subscribe to our monthly service for $5.


We wanted our game to be extremely simple to pick up and enjoy, but still deep enough to require skill and practice to win the biggest rewards. So we currently have two game modes to suit different types of players.


Trophy Tournament is a beginner-oriented mode that lets you practice your skills and steadily earn rewards every hour. Grab ‘Em All is for competitive players and is a fast-paced, 2-minute PvP sprint where you collect as many points and rewards as you can while surviving against other players.


Both modes earn you rewards, so it’s up to you to decide how you want to enjoy Meta Rivals.


Real Tournaments.
Real Skills.

Real Rewards.

What Makes meta
rivals the
best play
and earn PVP
mobile game?

We believe a play-and-earn game should be exactly that: a game where you simply play the game and earn rewards.


That’s why Meta Rivals doesn’t have its own cryptocurrency - we pay out rewards in Bitcoin and US Dollar Coin. You don’t need to own your own NFT to play, you can redeem a free one to get started. You don’t need to read a white paper on our tokenomics, you just need to log in and play.


That simplicity is what sets us apart from the competition - we’re not trying to sell you our own coin, we just want to give you the best PvP mobile game that rewards you as you’re enjoying it.

How do rewards
and payouts work?

Meta Rivals does not mint its own cryptocurrency, we tie our rewards to USDC and BTC. The reason for this is so that we can provide stable and reliable payouts to known cryptocurrencies so you have a real sense of value as you are earning.


Many play-and-earn games pay out in their own currencies, which may fluctuate and even collapse with a lack of support. That is what we wanted to avoid.


Put simply, 10,000 points in Meta Rivals is equal to one Cash Point, or CP. You can cash out CP for USDC at 1:1 ratio, or you can cash out your CP for an equivalent value of BTC. Because we lock the value of CP to the USDC stablecoin, we can guarantee the value of your payout without any concern for tokenomics or market instability.


We are currently operating Meta Rivals on a subscription system, where a $5 per month subscription gets you access to all of the game’s features, and the ability to earn that amount back and much more. We also offer a free 3-day trial for you to get into the game and try it out before committing.


If you’re ready to start playing, enjoying, and earning…

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