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Meta Rivals is a battle royale PvP esport game.
Real Tournament! Real Rewards!
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Earn and upgrade your NFT cards by playing the game and sell it on the marketplace to make money

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Robot Series

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Dragon Series

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How to Win?
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WIN AND REDEEM Real Rewards!


Exciting new mobile game called Meta Rival that was taking the world of competitive gaming by storm. Players were competing against each other in real-time tournaments, competing for prizes and glory every single day.


The game featured a variety of different game modes, such as 2 player battles and 20 player battles, as well as a massive selection of characters and weapons to choose from. With its alluring graphics, intense gameplay, and wide range of exciting features, it was easy to see why Meta Rivals quickly became one of the most popular esports games in the world.


Each day, players would enter tournaments and battle their way to the top. With each victory, players earned points which could be used to unlock new characters, as well as valuable prizes. The prize pool was constantly changing, so players had to stay on their toes if they wanted to take home the biggest rewards.

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