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A simple and easy-to-learn Free to Play battle royale game that lets you earn rewards in BTC or USDC in only a few fun minutes!
$10000 rewards every month!

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Real Tournaments.
Real Skills.

Real Rewards.


Meta Rivals is a snake-like battle royale game that doesn’t waste your time. With a simple and fun design, Meta Rivals is the best PvP mobile game that lets you earn rewards while focusing on fun and competitive gameplay.

Is Meta Rivals the prettiest or most visually impressive play-and-earn game out there? No! We never wanted it to be. Instead, we focused on simple, casual fun and a streamlined and efficient rewards system. We’re not trying to distract you with flashy bells and whistles - Meta Rivals is all about substance.

Meta Rivals offers free gameplay where players can earn cash points redeemable for USDC and BTC

We wanted our game to be extremely simple to pick up and enjoy, but still deep enough to require skill and practice to win the biggest rewards.

Grab ‘Em All is for competitive players and is a fast-paced, 3-minute MOBA where you collect as many points and rewards as you can while surviving against other players.


The rules of the game are very simple:

There are points in each game, and players need to grab all the points while avoiding being killed by the enemy. If killed, you will lose 80% of your score. Players need to decide whether to grab points immediately or wait for the right moment to grab points from other players. (1000 Points = 0.1 USD)


How to grab points?


First, you can use fireballs or bombs, or if your snake is bigger than your opponent's, you can just rush in and steal their points. Secondly, there are golden energy balls in the field. Snatching these balls can not only maximize your attack power, but also obtain atomic bombs. Once activated, the atomic bomb can destroy all snakes on the field and rob all players of 80% of their scores. However, if an enemy hits you, their snake will be protected and you won't be able to rob any player of their points.

How to defend against atomic bomb attack?

When the atomic bomb is activated, you must find the snake that activated the atomic bomb, which will have a glowing circular mark on its head. Players who are able to kill the marked snake will be protected and other players will be eliminated. Additionally, you can find protective shields in blue energy balls. The protective shield can protect against any attack, including atomic bombs, but only lasts for 5 seconds.

What Makes meta
rivals the
best play
and earn MOBA
mobile game?

We believe a play-and-earn game should be exactly that: a game where you simply play the game and earn rewards.


That’s why Meta Rivals doesn’t have its own cryptocurrency - we pay out rewards in BTC and US Dollar Coin. You don’t need to own your own NFT to play. You don’t need to read a white paper on our tokenomics, you just need to log in and play.


That simplicity is what sets us apart from the competition - we’re not trying to sell you our own coin, we just want to give you the best PvP mobile game that rewards you as you’re enjoying it.

How do rewards
and payouts work?

Meta Rivals does not mint its own cryptocurrency, we tie our rewards to USDC, BTC and HKD. The reason for this is so that we can provide stable and reliable payouts so you have a real sense of value as you are earning.


Many play-and-earn games pay out in their own currencies, which may fluctuate and even collapse with a lack of support. That is what we wanted to avoid.


Put simply, 10,000 points in Meta Rivals is equal to one Cash Point, or CP. You can cash out CP for USDC at 1:1 ratio, or you can cash out your CP for an equivalent value of HKD (1 CP = 7.4 HKD). Because we lock the value of CP to the USDC, we can guarantee the value of your payout without any concern for tokenomics or market instability.


Free gameplay where players can earn cash points redeemable for USDC. 

Cash points are protected up to set limits, beyond which 0.1 points are deducted per game loss. 

Winning means getting the highest score. If you score lower or run out of lives, you lose. Bad connection is also count as lose. A lose game will deduce cash points.

If you’re ready to start playing, enjoying, and earning…

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