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Meta Rivals is a battle royale PvP esport game.
Real Tournament! Real Rewards!
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How to Win?
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WIN AND REDEEM Real Rewards!


Our game is a quick and fun snake game that rewards you  stable crypto. We don't care about graphics or Tokenomics. We care about giving you a rewarding and casual gaming experience. You can play a short game and earn crypto in no time.

At Meta Rivals, we reward you for playing and improving your skills. Our game may not have the best graphics or story, but it is thrilling and fun to earn crypto. You don't need to own any NFTs to play, but you can redeem our basic NFT character for free. You can also upgrade and sell your NFT Meta Card snake on Opensea.


Our game offers different modes to suit your preferences. Trophy Tournament is for beginners who want to practice and earn rewards every hour. Grab em all is a fast-paced game where you have to collect all the jackpots in 2 minutes while surviving against other players.


Meta Rivals does not have its own cryptocurrency, but our Cash Points are equivalent to USDC. You can earn 1 CP by scoring 10000 points in the game. You can also exchange CPs for BTC.


Our game is not completely free, but we offer a 3-day trial for you to test your skills and earn rewards. If you like the game, you can subscribe to our monthly season ticket for only $5. The ticket will give you access to all features and free powers in the game.


We hope you will have a blast playing our game and winning crypto.

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