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Normal Meta Cards

Be the first to 100% Own the NFT with Royalty! The more you own the greater the share of Royalty you will get! All Beta Players will have first access to any future airdrop! 

Meta Cards are upgradeable game characters minted on the Polygon blockchain as NFTs. Holders can trade them on any open NFT marketplace. You can think of MetaCards as NFTs
representing a unique class of game characters. We roll out the first batch of Meta Cards to early players at the BETA stage. We will be airdropping a total of 5,000 to 10,000 NFTs.

Users continue to earn from Meta NFTs even after selling them. Every time the digital asset changes hands (between a buyer and seller on a third-party NFT marketplace), the original seller gets royalties. Royalties are a percentage of the total amount spent on a collectible and paid to the NFT creator.
Besides their worth in open marketplaces, Meta Cards have tremendous value in the game. Owners of these tokenized game assets gain an edge over opponents by upgrading their character's stats: speed, damage, and health.

Common Meta Cards (Airdrop Mission)

Common Meta Cards are Airdropped (released for free) to early users. To receive a free Meta Card, users complete a series of objectives called "Airdrop Missions" at the BETA game launch.

Meta Royalty
Additionally, we share royalties from NFT resales on supported marketplaces with airdrop winners. The number of tokens received during the airdrop determines a user’s cut. For instance, If you received 1% of the total number of NFTs during the airdrop, you are entitled to 1% of the total funds gathered from royalties.

Royalty earnings = the number of airdropped Meta Cards received/Total

We don't sell any of the NFT. All selling will be by the Player! Once airdrop period is over! NFT will only sell via the players in OpenSea.

Airdrop will be coming Sept stay tune!

More Info @ discord'link


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