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General questions ​ What is Meta Rivals?
**Meta Rivals** is a MOBA game tournament, player require skills to play and win. Player can upgrade the NFT Meta Card to improve the in-game character to help with the tournament. They can also sell the NFT Meta Card in Open Sea for profit.
Will the game be available in my language?
We want Meta Rivals to be accessible to as many players as possible, but before we localize the game, we have to make it! So for now, the game is in english only. 
Will the game be available on other platforms?
We want Meta Rivals to be available on as many platforms as possible down the line. We're developing it on Android and IOS though, so PC players will have to wait a little bit longer.
How can I play the game?
Our game is currently in closed alpha, so you can't have access to it. But we regularly invite new testers to join us and we'll have an Open Alpha in June (2022)! 
Is the game free?
We are committed to keeping Meta Rivals free to play. As the first game of its kind, Meta Rivals is powered by Web3 and Blockchain technologies. It’ll encompass true ownership of digital assets. It’s genuinely governed by the players. Meta Rivals will define a new genre: the Play to Win MOBA.
Is the game released or in alpha/beta?
The game is currently in alpha. No ETA has been announced so far for a beta or public release but there will be an Open Alpha in Aug 2022! Everyone will be able to play!

Can I request buyback for all the NFT game cards?
No, we only accept Rare NFT Meta Game Card that have not upgraded. 

What is the Utility of the Rare NFT Meta Cards?
The Rare NFT Meta Cards will allow player to access for free into our private game or VIP game. A $10 base value Rare type Meta Cards can have a chance for Player to win 1000% more.

What is Private game? Who can Join?
Private game is free to play the rewards will be more Cash or some rare NFT like Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, Cryptopunk V1 Wrap, Doodles etc.

Player owns a Rare Meta NFT Game Card will be allow to join for Free. Player without it will not be allow to join!

What is Meta-Key show in the Rare Meta Card?
Meta-Key is the key to access the private or the VIP game. Each entry it will be deducted from the Meta Card.  Each entry it will be deducted from the Meta Card Key value.  Different game require different amount of Keys. 

How much and how many rewards for VIP game?
Between 3 - 6 NFTs will be rewarded.
Total value between $24000 USD - $50000 USD

When will Private game or VIP game begin?
After we are launch. Private game or VIP game will be schedule. Stay tune.

If I have 2 Rare Meta Game Cards can I join multiple time in private game or VIP game?
Sorry, each player can only allow to entry once. You may transfer the NFT to someone else or sell it in the OpenSea for a higher price. (Youtube Channel Game only)

How can I recharge the Meta-Key?
Player owns a Rare Meta Game card can recharge the Meta-Key for free while playing the instant tournament.
What is the roadmap for this game Meta Cards NFT  COMMUNITY?
Meta Rivals expect to create more game and rewards for our community. In future owning the Rare Meta NFT card will be grant free access to our private game and YouTuber game channel and have opportunity to win more cash, rare NFT prizes. Our community will help us to create more entertaining games and show with winning rewards. 

I found a bug, how do I report it?
Please email to or leave a comment in report. Please include all the detail of the issues like video capture or screen-cap. It help greatly help us to solve the problem.
Can my computer run Meta Rivals?
No, we don’t support it yet!

How to Delete your Account?
Please email us at

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