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Two Tournament mode

Grab "em All

The game is a thrilling challenge where you have to kill as many bots as possible in 2 minutes. You also have to collect all the gold you can find, because it will turn into cash points after the game. So grab them fast. The game starts every 6 minutes, so be ready. But be careful, if you die, you will lose a% of your gold. How many bots can you kill and how much gold can you keep? Find out in this exciting game!

Trophy Tournament

-Players to win Cash Point every 2 hours

-Each game Max of 20 players 

-Admission is 0.1 mDollar

-Players Score the highest at the end of the 1 hours time will receive Cash Points

-To Win, the player must kill another snake and collect all the gold.
-The highest gold score collected will be the winner


Player scores can be accumulated, meaning scores can be added up within the 1 hours.

Trophy Leaderboard will be refresh every 1 hours


Below the new rewards for the top 6 players

Rank 1: 0.3 CP

Rank 2: 0.2 CP

Rank 3: 0.1 CP

Rank 4 to 5: 0.05 CP

*CP- Cash Point

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