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Meta Boardcaster

Broadcasters are  who create a wide variety of content about everything Meta Rivals, including articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, and more! These broadcasters work hard to create content that:

  • Informs new players about Meta Rivals, such as walkthroughs, tutorials, tips, and general news.

  • Spreads the word across different online and offline spaces, with localized or other interested communities, such as NFT fans.

  • Make Meta Rivals more fun for example through community competitions and initiatives.

If you are ‘publishing’ content that has to do with and/or promotes Meta Rivals (in any language), you are likely eligible to join this program. As a Broadcaster, you can deliver and publish content on 3rd party channels like YouTube, Medium, Twitter, Publish0x and other approved platforms, and in return, Meta Rivals will reward you with UPX, recognition, and other goodies like unique badges! If you wish to join the broadcaster program follow this link to apply.

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