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White Paper

Meta Rivals is a skill-based crypto game on Polygon Network. You can earn Cash Points (CPs) that are equal to USDC, a stable crypto. You can also get a free basic NFT or redeem rare NFTs with CPs. You can sell your NFTs on Opensea. Meta Rivals is a blast to play and earn.


Our game is easy to play: shoot, grab, and survive. We distribute over 10000 USDC in rewards every month. Players can try our game for free for three days and then subscribe to our monthly season ticket for only $5. The ticket gives access to all features and powers in the game.


Our goal is to grow our community and offer more rewards and opportunities for our players. We have some exciting plans for 2024-2025 , such as:


•  Team group tournaments: Players can form teams of 3-5 and compete for bigger rewards.


•  Scholarship center: Players can sponsor or be sponsored by other players and share the rewards.


•  IOS and web-based platform: Players can access our game from different devices and platforms.


Meta Rivals is a game that combines fast-paced action and crypto rewards. We want to create a casual esports game on mobile that anyone can enjoy and benefit from. Join us and have a blast playing and winning crypto

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