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Mission Statement

Meta Rivals is an enjoyable and straightforward PvP play-and-earn game with an emphasis on reliable reward payouts and a great player experience.


Vision Statement

Meta Rivals aims to become an Esports staple with the world’s best play-and-earn model. By lowering the barrier to entry and making rewards more stable, as well as putting extra focus on the fun factor of the game itself, Meta Rivals will become a preeminent name in the play-and-earn and mobile PvP game markets.


Core Values

Trust - Accountability and reliability are chief for any game developer, but especially so for a game built for Web3.


Fun - In a play-and-earn game, the playing should be just as important as the earning. Our philosophy is to make our game as fun to play as it is rewarding.


Value - In addition to being among the industry leaders in the size of each reward our rewards are given out on stable, established currencies so players can trust the value of each payout.

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