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Private Tournament

Free entry for Players to challenge themselves and win even bigger rewards. Private
Tournament weekly is $260 USD , for three rounds! Max 20 players to join (first come first server)
For the first launch we will have the private game 3 days per week, that $780 usd per week.
After the first month it will be once a week!

Private Tournament rules:
To enter a player needs to enter the game code!
Code will be announced in our discord. Join
First 20 players who join will be allowed to play. Once the game is full no extra players will
be allowed to join.
Players join and disconnect will automatically dropout, no replacement player will be allowed to join.
1 rounds 5 mins per round!
Based on skills
Kill other players and collect the gold, the highest gold score wins the game.

All redeem via our web portal link in our website
Transfer via Paypal within 24 hours.

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